SolarAid SM100 Solar Light


 The Techie Stuff

    • Battery: 5 + hrs of light when fully charged
    • Brightness: 18 lumen – 2 times brighter than kerosene
    • Integrated solar panel: 50mA
    • Adjustable and detachable stand that gives light height for use as a study lamp, and allows it to be hung.
    • Slots: For head straps (not included)
    • (right click to) Download the SM100-product-faq

Size & weight

    • 165 x 105 x74 mm (with stand)
    • 143.5 x 105 x 74 mm (with stand + tilted down position)
    • Weight: 122g (incl. Packaging)


The SM100 is a brand new solar light that has been developed especially for SolarAid by Yingli Solar. Designed for off-grid families and school children, the SM100 is an ultra-affordable, tough solar light for all applications.

The SM100 is a solid little solar light which is as perfect for festivals or for camping in the UK, as it is in the African outback. You can choose to use this light as either a hand held torch, a freestanding light or attach a strap and wear it as a headtorch!

This is the same light that our Share Your Sun projects helps distribute through SolarAid. Buying this light will send another.

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