Need prescription lenses?

No problem! All we need is a few details and then we’ll send you a custom payment link based on your bespoke enquiry within 48 hours. You can still use any coupon codes against the price of our frames.


1. Choose what kind of lens you want

PRESCRIPTION PRICES  (additional to your frame choice):

Clear prescription:  £25

Sunglasses, or tinted prescription:  £35  (View our Lens Colour Chart)

Transition lenses:  £65  (also known as photochromatic lenses that change with the light)


2. Choose any additional add ons


Add MAR coating:  + £30 (Multi-anti-reflective or anti-glare)

Add mirror coating:  + £30

Add Polarised layer:  + £30  (Charcoal and Amber only)

Add corner engraved Bird logo:  + £5

[orders typically take 7 days to process]



Prescription Requirements

  • All prescriptions must be no more than 2 years old.
  • No prescription glasses can be made for children under 16 years of age or any person who is registered as partially sighted.
  • If a PD is not supplied then an average of 62mm will be glazed.

Add Corner Engraved Bird Logo +£5

6 + 13 =