It’s that time of year when New Year’s resolutions are flying around – here’s how to make some changes that are good for you AND the planet.

1. Less meat, more plants.

Vegetarianism, veganism, pescetarianism, flexitarianism…whatever approach you take, it’s never been easier or trendier to eat less meat. More and more people are discovering that a plant-based diet is good for people and planet, making it a win-win all round. You don’t need to turn vegan overnight – try adding a tasty new vegetarian recipe to your repertoire each week and see where it takes you.

2. Cut the plastic.

BBC’s Blue Planet – need we say more? It’s clear that we need to cut down our toxic dependency on plastic. Blogs like Zero Waste Home have shown that a waste-free lifestyle is possible. Get started today – buy a reuseable water bottle, bring your own travel mug instead of getting a takeaway cup, bring your own shopping bags. Small changes really add up.


3. Conscious fashion.

You know the cycle – buy fast, chuck fast. The fast fashion industry depends on us having short attention spans and a thirst for the latest trend, at the planet’s expense. But more and more brands are offering an alternative – products made with sustainable materials or with a social purpose at their core. Conscious fashion is all about making mindful choices about what we buy and wear.

4. Travel mindfully.

Pristine beaches, turquoise seas, all that wanderlust…who doesn’t want to live like an Instagram travel nomad? But travel can leave a huge carbon footprint trailing behind us like…well, like an aeroplane trail in the sky. But it’s possible to enjoy travel experiences without burning up the planet as we go. Choose to travel as mindfully as possible – for example the ‘Slow Travel’ movement is about savouring each place rather than rushing to the next place on the bucket list. And are there places closer to home that you’ve always wanted to explore before you fly half way round the world? You can also carbon offset your travel with charities that make a meaningful difference to carbon reduction, like SolarAid.

5. Switch to a green energy supplier.

This one is so easy you could practically get it done and dusted before New Year is even over, and you and the planet will reap the benefits all year. First check a trusted comparison website to get a quote on green energy tariffs. Many of the smaller new green energy companies that have sprung up in recent years can not only match your big name supplier on price, but beat them, so you’ll be saving money as well as the planet. Under UK switching rules, it’s super easy to switch. Just apply to a new supplier – then they do all the hard work, contacting your old supplier and arranging the transfer. At Bird Sunglasses we’re proud to work with SolarAid on their mission to bring clean, green energy to remote communities in Africa – and it’s great to know that we can benefit from the same miraculous energy solutions in the UK.

Happy New Year everyone – go and do something amazing!